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We are delighted that Jacky Thomas has joined Graham David, Mike Gibbon and Martyn Edwards in the Mastership this season. Jacky has hunted the Curre and Llangibby hounds very successfully for the past 12 years and we welcome to our country. He is currently very busy trying to get to know both our country and the landowners prior to the forthcoming season.  We are very sorry that Ross Lewis has retired as Master.  Many thanks to Ross who worked tirelessly at the Hunt Kennels liaised with the farmers and organised the fallen stock.  Ross was presented with a framed Daniel Crane print at the point to point as a small token of our thanks.


The new season started on 1st May when Daniel Cherriman joined us as Kennel Huntsman from the Quorn.  He and his wife Jess have moved into the kennels and have settled in well.  Tom Parker is to continue as Kennelman/Countryman.  Mark and Jeannie Beckett have moved to Sandhurst where Mark will be hunting the Sandhurst and Staff College Draghounds.  We wish Mark every success in his new country.  To thank him for being our Huntsman he was presented with a hunting horn and a cheque at the Point to Point.


We would like to thank all our Landowners who allow us to cross their land and if there are locations where access gates or jumps are required or hunting in need of repair please let us know.


The Masters look forward to welcoming you to the Puppy Show at the Kennels on 7th August.


We will begin Autumn hunting at the end of August please contact the Masters for more details.  This season we will be collecting £5 field money from each mounted adult from the beginning of the autumn hunting season, there will be no charge for under 18's.


We are delighted that Alun Cairns has become the MP for the Vale of Glamorgan. Alun is very grateful to all those who worked in any way to help his campaign.


Over the past four years we have striven to keep the fallen stock charges to farmers as low as possible and have not had an increase in our charges despite the increases in our disposal costs and fuel, we intend to keep these charges to a minimum to the farmers who allow us to cross their land, but unfortunately we will have to incresse our charges on horses to non - hunt members.



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