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From The Masters.

The Masters would be grateful if all followers could note the following points:


All followers are requested to follow the Masters instructions.  Please always follow the Field Master and give the hounds plenty of room unless requested to do otherwise.  Mounted followers must have priority over those followers in cars when following hounds.

Please respect the land and property that we are privileged to cross.  Try to avoid any damaged to walls, fences and hedges and, if this does take place, please report the details to the Masters.  It is essential that all gates are shut and properly secured at all times.

In view of the nature of our country, when leaving "the field", mounted followers are requested not to "hack back" across country to their boxes unless they have permission of land owners.

Please ensure that the horseboxes, trailers and cars are parked in such away as to avoid any problems with landowners, farmers, publicans and the public at large.  Gateways and other access points should be avoided.  Car followers are requested not to park in any Public House where hounds are "meeting", and not to take their vehicles onto private land unless instructed otherwise.  It is vital that horses and vehicles following the hounds do not block any roads.  Every attempt is to be made to minimise any delay to members of the public in cars or on foot who have nothing to do with the hunt.

If there is any doubt at all as to wheather hounds will meet due to the weather or any other eventuality then it is vital that followers check with the Masters.


For collection of fallen stock please telephone 'The Kennels before 10.00am whenever possible.

To check if meet is on.

Please phone the kennels on Tel. 01446 772583

on the morning of the meet.


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