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Updated on 29/01/09.

Gareth Jones.(1905 - 35)

The Western Mail  26th February 1934

Gareth Jones

Welsh Hounds “Finest in the World”




The history of hunting in Glamorgan can be traced to the late fifties of the 18th centuary. No less than five packs were kept by local squires for their own and neighbours' amusement. The Cowbridge harriers hunted mainly hare, but after Christmas fox was hunted. For many years these harriers were the property of the Traherne family and were kennelled at Llandough. 

In 1863 Mr. Theodore Mansell Talbot of Margam, hunted a pack of harriers. It is believed that this was the pack owned by the Traherne family, with which he continued to hunt Mr. Traherne's country and use the Llandough kennels (the old kennels near the village, not the present site now occupied by the Glamorgan Hounds). Looking back at the Glamorgan Mastership we see from 1863 - 1877 T.M. Talbot, 1875 - 86 J.S. Gibbon, 1886 - 97 Col. R.T. Bassett, 1897 - 1906 the Mackintosh of Mackintosh, 1906 - 14 Col. H. Homfray of Penllyn hunted the country three days a week until the outbreak of the war.

In 1914 Mr. R. H.Williams of Bonvilston house kept things going through the difficult war years. He relinquished the Mastership in 1934. From 1934 - 60 Capt. H.C.R. Homfray, 1951 - 62 Lady Boothby, 1962 - 67 Mr. J. Cory, 1961 - 91 Mr. A.S. Martyn. The current masters of the Glamorgan Fox Hounds acting on behalf of the committee are Mr. Graham David, Mr. Ross Lewis, Mr. Martyn Edwards and Mr. Mike Gibbon.

Mr. Martyn hunted hounds for 26 seasons and established the kennels at Llandough where hounds are kennelled today.1986 - 90 G. Sales, 1990 - 91 C. Shillam,

1991 - 95 R. Newton, 1995 - 2007 Neil  Burton.

2007-10 Mark Beckett.

Now we  have another master hunting the hounds Mr Jackie Thomas,  

who joined Mr Graham David, Mr Martyn Edwards, Mr Michael Gibbon in  2010.