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The Glamorgan Hunt has a very long history and, whilst traditional “fox hunting” must cease, we will continue to hunt within the law until the “Hunting Act” is repealed.   This will consist of three activities.  Firstly the following of an artificial scent or “trail hunting”, secondly hound exercise and thirdly the flushing of a fox to guns using two hounds. In some instances we may carry out a combination of all three activities in a single day.


Apart from the fact that we will not be “hunting foxes in the traditional manner”, we still intend to continue to provide a fox control service to landowners and farmers and, as importantly, we will continue to pick up fallen stock.  We would however urge all farmers to join the National Fallen Stock Scheme as this scheme is currently heavily subsidised by the Government.   Sadly, and as a result of the “Ban”, we will not be able to provide our service “free of charge” as our overall income is going to be significantly reduced.


These are very difficult times for the Glamorgan Hunt as we are a small hunt with limited resources.  Throughout the years we have had tremendous support from all our subscribers, supporters, landowners and farmers.  Please continue to support us.  We must not let this Government succeed in the destruction of yet another pillar of the rural economy and way of life.


Our hounds are paraded here today at The Vale of Glamorgan Agricultural Show as an unambiguous signal that the Glamorgan Hunt is “here to stay”.   It is already clear that the “banning legislation” is “bad law”, which is unworkable and unenforceable. It will not stand the test of time. 


We hope you all enjoy your day.