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Ant's Diaries.


  Historical facts. 

1961 - 1962  Joint Master with Lady Boothby.
1962 - 1967  Joint Master with Mr John Cory.
1967 - 1980  Master.
1980 - 1991  Joint Master with Mrs Anthony Martyn joined in 1986 by Mr Huw Jones and Mr Michael Thomas.

Hunted hounds from 1961 - 1986.

Ant's Diaries.  1961

Ant kept diaries of every day that he hunted hounds, with the scent conditions, numbers of people out, horses that he rode, details of hunts etc. When he took the Glamorgan in 1961 the kennels were moved from Penllyn to the present Kennels at Llandough. This extract is the first page of his Mastership of the Glamorgan, which gives an insight into summer work at the kennels.


1st April 1961.  The work at the new kennels has at last speeded up and Mike Rowe (the kennel huntsman) will move into his cottage on Wednesday 5th April. Hounds will be moved over from Penllyn before the end of the month. After going through the hounds yesterday and putting down some old hounds we have 41 couple and three litters of whelps amounting to 12 ½ couple to date.

1st May.  Moving hounds today. Two loads in the old hound lorry lent to us by Jack Thomas and one in my trailer. Also three loads of equipment etc. Fortunately a fine day.

2nd May.  Diplomat 6 yrs old grey gelding and Melody 7 yrs chestnut gelding arrived from Brian Thompson by train.  Took them to the kennels and turned them out in Evan Cadwgan’s field behind the kennels. Owing to the stormy weather they must be brought in at night.

10th May.  Point-to-Point at Penllyn, the first race at 5.30. A beautiful evening with good racing and a good gate. Mike rode Diplomat and Jack Howlett Roulette.

11th May.  Took out 5 of Guiltless’s puppies.

13th May. Judged the Castleton Beagles puppy show. One outstanding bitch.

 24th May.  Traveller an unentered doghound has Yellows. Took 4 of Winkle’s puppies out to   walk.

28th May. Traveller died of Yellows.

5th June.  Wormed all the hounds today with Coopers worm capsules – 4 each.

28th June.  Hounds now looking considerably better – still on walking exercise. Beresfords keeping up a reasonable supply of flesh. Received  from Ivor Treharne Ltd 5 tons + ½  cwt of oats at 22/-.

1st July. Machen Show. Won entered Doghounds with Barrister’ 60, unentered Doghounds with Sportsman, 3rd with Spaniard. Entered 1st Lovely, 2nd Bertha, 3rd Bella ‘59. Won the couples with Bertha and Bella, the terrier class with Mick and the Championship with Lovely ’58.

4th July. Puppy Show at Fonmon Castle judged by Brian Bell who stayed with me and George Holder. A bright day but not too hot and hounds showed well for a strange place. 1st Speaker walked by Mrs Dennis Edwards 1st Bitches Spitfire walked by Mrs Haydn Edwards. Tea and drinks in the long drawing room.

5th July. Started hound exercise with Roulette and Gwyn White’s pony. 7.30 start, back at 8.45, all went very well.

31st July. Hound exercise at 7am to practice for Barry Show.

3rd August. Hunt meeting at the Bear Cowbridge to discuss the organization of the country. Al went well except for an outburst from a senior member who seemed quite reasonable afterwards.

4th August. Hunt Club ball at Ewenny Priory which was a great success.

9th August.  Barry Show. Roulette went particularly well and was 2nd in the Cob class though pulled in 1st. Diplomat was 3rd of four in the Hacks. Hounds were very well in the parade but Diplomat napped like mad making it quite difficult. Somehow we managed to get away with it – more or less! He was completely confused by the noise, people , jumps etc.

18th August. Diplomat fell on the road – not his fault. We were trying to retrieve a pullet from Sportsman, Not too much damage done except to the pullet but he will not be fit to show at Cowbridge.

23rd August. Cowbridge Show. A cool day with a few showers in the afternoon. Roulette went like a dream and won the cob class. Hounds paraded well – all keen and active, everyone including me was delighted.

26th August. 6am Welsh St. Donats – cubhunting.


Ant's Diaries.  September 61 - March 63


12th September 1961 6.15am. Cross Inn, Llanblethian. Rained hard overnight
but turned out to be a fine hot morning and scent was good. Found at once in
Pinklands   (F.M This used to have a large covert at the bottom of the hill
where the ditch is now)   and settled to an old fox. They ran hard past
Corrwg over to Pentre Meyrick to the Llysworney road and on flat out to
Pwllywrach House where they checked. Picked up hounds and went back to the
covert by the Pentre Meyrick road.Found at once and after a couple of turns
ran via Corrwg to Pinklands - going straight through they hunted well over
the plough up to Crossways Lodge. Our fox had turned left handed and hounds
had him on the road. Went on to Mount Ida where a very nice bit of
cubhunting took place through the thick bracken. Eventually our fox went
away past Stallcourt and hounds got together and came nicely away. They ran
really hard over the road by Cross Inn straight to Pinklands, on to Corrwg,
and Pentre Meyrick. They hunted through Cazachery to Pwllywrach House,
through the Rookery to Colwinston, swinging left in Splott. We had a goodchivy round here, pushing him away to the Rookery but he turned sharp back


and being hard at him they killed him  in covert again. A first rate day -
all hounds on at the end - with a fair amount of galloping and jumping.
Diplomat really settled down and went very well. Stopped at 9.30.
23rd December 1961 Had a bad fall on the flat with the Monmouthshire and
spent 10 days in the Infirmary.

Fiona Martyn.“ Ant broke his back!  Colin Davies' horse
broke his leg and Ant had to hold onto his horse and Colin's horse while the
whipper in shot it. Ant carried on hunting. He was riding Melody who he
always said was the best jumper he ever rode, but the horse made a terrible
mistake at a post and rails and was obviously thinking of other things as he
then galloped into a ditch and as Ant was on his hands and knees on the
ground the horse came on top of him in a rotational fall. He walked half a
mile to a farmhouse with Sally Morgan's help and made her pull his boots off
(with a broken back!!!) as he didnt want the hospital cutting his Maxwell
boots. He did not hunt for the rest of the season.”

8th July 1962 Sparkle '58 whelped 12 in Castle Wood Llandough. Got them all
home safely.


17th July 1962 A reasonably fine day for the puppy show. Roughly 525 people
turned up. The show went very well. Hounds showed themselves well and
condition was particularly level. Harlequin won the dog hounds class - great
character and activity. (FM Ant wrote under the name of Harlequin, who went
on to be a great hunting and stallion hound and one of his favourite hounds)
Speeches followed and after this Cen Traherne made the presentation of
Coffee's portrait to Ann Boothby. All very  popular.
22th December 1962 - 7th March 1963 No hunting  due to hard frost.

Season 64 - 65

Season 1964 – 1965

30th January – Halvaes 35 mounted. Wind at last westerly – scent catchy. Found a brace in Coedarhydyglyn and marked one to ground in the big earth, which was supposed to have been stopped. Drew Halvaes blank but a fox had been there and hounds were holloaed on by Homri Dingle. They ran down the valley, turning right towards Ty-fry then back up the hill, over the lane and on to Halvaes where Vanquish was seen hunting on below Caia farm. I held the rest on and they crossed the Homri lane, left handed of the old camp to Cottrell. Hunting behind the house they dropped down the hill to the waterworks covert, through this and over the road towards the Ely. They now ran hard to Maesaraul where our fox was headed and hunted back past Tyn-y-pwll, over the road and up the hill to Logwood. Haydn Edwards saw him onto the road at the top but he fooled us by running the road left-handed before crossing the fields to the Gaer. This took some sorting out but soon recovering the line hounds ran through the Gaer and down the hill to Upper Caerwigau where he was again headed. Recovering the line behind the farm they ran along the bank above Trehedyn but scent failed in the wind. He was viewed by Tynewydd and we were soon up to Logwood again where he went away much as before, this time viewed by Dennis Edwards. On to the Gaer and down to Caerwigau, across the road, then down to the Moors and on below Maesaraul, Tyn-y-pwll to recross the road, into Cottrell and on for Kingsland. Here he turned back to drop down onto Peterston Moors again and once more over the road by Tyn-y-pwll, up the hill into Cottrell and back to Logwood. Mike viewed him on and with hounds close behind  he got to ground and was accounted for. This was a tremendous hunt with hounds giving a really persevering performance. From Homri when we first found the time was 3 ½ hours (12.15 – 3.45pm) and although the furthest point was not more than 3 miles, a great deal of country was covered.

26th March - Wenvoe to finish the season.

A beautiful day, mild with rather bright sunshine and a nice westerly breeze. A good crowd at the meet and a field of 35. A cap was taken for the British Field Sport Society and made £21.19.6. Wenvoe Wood was blank. Beech Wood held as usual, crossed to Nant Bran, he was headed, and turned back through the covert, past the farm and on downhill by the old lodge to Dyffryn Gardens, where hound swung back to Nant Bran. Held them on to Beech Wood and went away as before but this time right handed towards Vianshill, crossing a nice line of fences to St.Lythans. Back through Beech and our fox had been seen but scent was moderate and now failed.  Ash Plantation held and hounds pushed through well, getting their fox away to Brook Wood swinging back to Ash (very thick), then away as before to Little Brook. Held on to Betty Lucas a brace were on the move and getting hounds away on the first, hunted slowly to the Cwm then back to Redlands. Beyond this covert they ran hard to Grindon and with a great cry ran the length of this wood to Garn-llwyd. They raced from here to Flaxland across the dingle and on to Moulton and form here dropped down to the Weycock valley where at Cuckoo Mill our fox swung right to Penmark, recrossed the Weycock and was given best at Penonn after a splendid hunt of 1 hour and 40 minutes from Betty Lucas with a furthest point of 3 ½ miles but a great deal more as they ran. Hounds went really well today when at last conditions in this bad scenting country gave them some help. 23 mornings cub-hunting and 41 days during the season, with very dry conditions from December until the end of February. Melody went splendidly today

Fiona Martyn – I hope that this gives an idea of how much country was able to be hunted and how much easier it was to have good hunts with points in 1965.


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